Wait for the One.

‘Tis the season for everyone to get married. Engagements are happening left and right, and my friend and I are jokingly sending each other screen shots of our Instagram accounts, with laughing comments of, “how many couple pics can you see on my insta rn?” I swear…if I had a dollar for every “forever alone” message…

An Open Letter to the Millennial Christian

So if you are being oppressed, if you are looked down upon, if you get weird looks when you pray, continue being a servant for God. Continue being radical. Do not let hurtful words deter your walk. Keep shining and being a light.

Marco Island

After we saw this paradise in pictures, my friend and I hopped in the car and made a quick drive down the coast. Two adventurous souls on the road without an agenda. What more could you ask for on a trip?

The Disney College Program

Tomorrow at 3am, I will begin my journey at the Disney College Program. I feel anxious about leaving so much behind and about the unknown ahead. But what would exploration be if you knew what you were about to encounter? I may be eaten by a shark while surfing in Florida. I may get horrific Croc tan…

To the Motherless on Mother’s Day

As I kneel before the mountains of the vastness of my God I’m speechless. I ran here so I could have a place to cry. For once I was going to let myself feel it. I was going to let it out. Yet no matter how hard I tried to feel anguish, God kept it…

The Meteor Effect

If you could be one thing with your life, would you rather be a small pebble making ripples in a pond, or a meteor crashing into the ocean? You see, the thing is, we have a choice as to which one our lives will end up being. There are two ways we can choose to live…

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Just A Little Faith Blog is exactly what it sounds like: a little bit of me (Jessica Faith), a little bit of my adventures, and a whole lot of Jesus. I strive to point people to Jesus by talking about life’s hardest questions and showing his greatness through my adventures.