The Disney College Program

Tomorrow at 3am, I will begin my journey at the Disney College Program. I feel anxious about leaving so much behind and about the unknown ahead. But what would exploration be if you knew what you were about to encounter?

Disney World LogoI may be eaten by a shark while surfing in Florida. I may get horrific Croc tan lines from my Disney costume. I may die from the treacherous Floridian humidity. But it is all going to be so worth it. I know that I’m going to have the time of my life.

So here’s what the Disney College Program is: I will work as a lifeguard at Disney World and take Disney business classes. I will network with professionals from all over the world.

But I will also get to live, work, and play in the most magical place on earth. Some exciting things like surfing on the Florida coasts, being an adrenaline junkie at Universal Studios, cruising to the Bahamas, and swimming with manatees will ensue.

I know that God has given me the most amazing opportunity and I plan to work my tail off and to do it all for His glory. Working for a company as reputable at Disney is not easy;  I have to meet a lot of standards. But it is a challenge I am so excited to take on.  I am working, living, and playing in the most magical place on earth. God is going to do amazing things through me.

I cannot wait to update you all on my journey through this amazing season of my life.

This is me dancing in the streets of Horsetooth, Colorado, because I am oh so excited about it.




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