A Thank You Letter for Adversity.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for adversity.

Thank you for the nights of mascara smeared down my face… when my heart hurt so bad it felt like it stopped palpitating because it was daggered with a knife. Thank you for the times I was lost–tossing & turning in the waves– and I didn’t understand why I was drowning. Thank you for allowing hurt in my life so that I could be broken and rebuilt, with a larger capacity to love others. For when I am broken, you build me up stronger. Thank you for allowing me to learn from these trials, because now I have the opportunity to love my brothers and sisters where they hurt. Thank you for helping me know how they feel. Thank you for allowing me to be broken so that I have to rely on you for my strength. Lord, thank you for brokenness, because it increases my capacity to love, to encourage, to hope, and to find joy in the smallest moments.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for enduring adversity.

Because of you, I have someone who understands. Because of you, I have someone that I can call crying because I know you have felt the same way before. Because of your hope, I know everything will be okay. Because of your endurance through the trials, you are blessing me. Because of your trials, you have grown into the character that I admire so deeply. Because of your endurance though the pain, you have matured beyond your years into the child of God you were meant to be.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for enduring every adversity so I can turn to you.

Thank you for being strong when you were mocked, cut, beaten, spit on, tempted, and offended. Thank you for enduring hours of limitless pain, twisting, joint-rending cramps, searing pain from torn tissues, and lacerations in your back.

Because you have endured every pain, I have someone who understands.

Thank you for being an exemplary human who has endured more pain than any other. Thank you for being an example of someone who had to rely wholly on the Father to get through the trials. And who praised your name amongst it all. Jesus, thank you for being faithful to the Father, and inspiring us to live that way.

Brokenness increases capacity.

People often wonder why bad things happen to good people. Even the Christian gets tempted by these thoughts. But here is the reality: God enables you to be a better person because of what you have gone through. It could be that you have gained understanding, received a passion to make a difference, or are fueled to serve others in a unique way. God uses our brokenness to increase our capacity to love, to feel, to encourage, and to help.

Without all of the horrible tragedies that we endure in our lives, how would those beautiful things that I can say “thank you” for come about?

So let’s take a moment to thank God for what we have gone through, because enduring trials in God’s name turns pain into a joyous process that blesses others.

The amount of joy you have at any given moment is not circumstantial; it is perceptual. Put things into perspective of the Almighty God, and you will be thankful for everything you have gone through.

So, what type of mind change would occur if we started saying Thank You instead of F*** you to our trials?

Well, I think we would be a lot more joyous, in any given day of our lives, no matter what we were going through.

If there is someone you know who is going through some adversity: hug them, love them, & maybe send them this article. You never know the difference it could make.

Love you all. Thanks for reading.







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